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EmployeeCapital has truly created a "one-stop" employment resource.

Over the years our clients have told us what they needed and we responded by designing our programs to meet their service needs.

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Professional Employer Organization (PEO).  A co-employer relationship that allows organizations to outsource their employee administration.  All areas of employment are covered from Workers' Comp to Employee Benefit plans.

Administrative Service Outsourcing (ASO).  The service model that includes payroll processing, tax fillings, benefit management and workers' comp management.

Contract Labor.  Many organizations choose to utilize contract labor to fill short or long- term projects or special needs. 

Temporary Placements.  Temp-to-hire or short term assignments are a trend that many organizations utilize to meet changing staffing needs.  You can try an employee out before you hire permanantly.

Recruiting and Hiring.  From traditional recruiting to the new trend of Recruitment Process Outsourcing, our specialists will assist in an ever competitive "battle" for new talent.

Quality Control Inspection.  Our team specializes in all areas of Quality Control including Sorting, Rework, Containment, and Launch Assistance.